Illinois Work Comp Injury Rates Fall 53% from 1991 to 2003


The Illinois Workers Compensation Commission tracks injury rates for Illinois employers and provides break downs of injuries by specific body parts involved. Back injuries are fairly common in most occupations and represent a high cost for both injured workers in future lost earnings and Illinois employers in workers compensation claim payments.

Illinois employers and workers have proved to have an increased safety record. According to the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission, the overall worker-injury rate in Illinois decreased by 53% between 1991 and 2003. The most recent Illinois Workers’ Compensation report shows the number of cases filed have dropped 20% from fiscal year 2001 of 71,038 claims filed statewide to fiscal year 2006 of 56,911 claims filed. Illinois now maintains the 10th lowest injury rate in the country.

Among the 50 states and the District of Columbia, Illinois is ranked:

10th lowest in w.c. injury rate;

25th lowest in w.c. benefit cost rates (w.c. benefits divided by payroll);

26th lowest in w.c. medical costs per claim;

30th lowest in w.c. insurance premium rates;

30th lowest in w.c. indemnity costs per claim

These figures are directly quoted from the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission 2006 Annual Report.

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