Illinois workers comp reform: Notice of Preferred Medical Provider


The Illinois Workers Compensation Commission has approved the official language to be used to notify injured employees of employer selected "Preferred Provider Programs" (PPP) that is, employer selected medical networks for work injury related medical care. This is the official form language to be used to notify the injured employee of the employer's selection of their medical provider network as soon as the employer is made aware of the work injury. 

Employers can voluntarily issue an advance notice of workers comp medical network by using the additional form language provided.  However, even if the advanced general notice of workers comp medical network is posted or given to all employees, the above official Notice of Workers Comp Medical Provider (PPP) must still be issued in a timely manner soon after the employer receives notice of an actual work accident or work injury.

These PPP networks must still be approved by the IL Dept of Insurance and approvals are expected for use by Jan 1, 2012. The Illinois Department of Insurance is currently accepting Preferred Provider Program applications for approval and as the process unfolds, the approved list of  "Preferred Providers" ( pdf download) will be available on their website.

The IL Dept of Insurance website also provides FAQs regarding Workers’ Compensation Preferred Provider Programs and any additional questions concerning PPP applications can be directed to Kari Dennison (217) 782-1771 with the Illinois Department of Insurance.

Illinois workers comp attorneys -- 10-26-11